Kobza - Heidrich - Major trio



The trio was formed in 2014 after the release of the first joint album of Roland and Vak called ’Trees and Roots’. Afterwise Balázs joined the team coming with his clean and intuitive selection of rythms. In this way they got complete. Continuing their travel together their music could not be about anything else, but about spirit and the search for the only truth. Their improvisation created spontaneously is surrounded by a hermetic way of seeing the world. It became well-known very soon that the essence of their concerts was the unknowable nature of their way of performing. According to the trio’s confession although their music is rooted in the East, it gets embedded into Western music on the altar of inspiration, silence and tranquillity. The visceral ancient tunes and improvised music sound in harmony with the spirit of Universe. It is an ancient musical meditation. In their art we can find the unique forms of jazz and improvisation and apart from this the interesting sounds of Eastern music and the Medieval Mediterranean.