The core of Euro-Oriental consort consists of guitarist Sándor Szabó, drummer Balázs Major and bass guitarist Ralf Gauck. Their name shows that their art follows the Western and Eastern musical traditions. The sound and their musical world is definitely part of today’s extremely popular genre called world music, in which they are trying to recall the atmosphere of antique, classical Eastern music in a contemporary way.

The group’s name is improtant from multiple perspectives. In the meantime it is important to underline the fact that Szabó is an enthusiastic researcher of antique Estern music and the immersion in the Eastern cultur and music is a significant part of his musical activity. In this band he is representing his music’s Eastern orientation. The Euro-Oriental Consort is an open creative band with several other musicians and performers included as well. The formation works in many different combinations, hence from time to time guitarist Ronad Heidrich and singer Laura Weixelbaum also join the group.