Kobza Vajk quartett is ambassadors of “ethical jazz music” who, with their little or no everyday instrumentation and sound, call themselves the attention of their world. Their spontaneous improvisation is hermetically sealed. It is already rumored that their music on their concerts is completely repeatable in their entirety on an instrumental-experimental-psychedelic line. Consciously, they are born on the altar of the momentary inspiration. They transmit the tone of another timeless reality to us. Those who are listening to their music are astonished to see how the new Eastern Dimension, the electric guitar, the violin and the clay pot, have never heard of a new dimension. The members played together in separate stands before each other. HKM Trio was created in 2014 after Roland and Vajk (who received a Trafó special band with his orchestra), the first acoustic duo album, entitled “Trees and Roots”. Then he joined them with Balázs’s clever, instinctive rhythm section. Continuing their journey, their music could not say anything other than the spirit, the search for the only truth. Since 2016, the formation has been increasingly accompanied by Márton Bakai violinist. The band’s first recordings have recently appeared in Great River Records.