In the January of 2012 a special album was released in Germany called ’Wizzard’s Dance’, containing recording by the trio made of Ralf Gauck, Sándor Szabó and Balázs Major. This event started the history of the Szabó – Gauck – Major trio. The formation’s music with Eastern influences and sounds is modern and antique at the same time which was a reason for highly successful concerts on both Hungarian and international world music festivals.

The other speciality of the trio is the fact that it is composed by outstanding solists. Sándor Szabó is an internationally acclaimed guitarist, Ralf Gauck frequently does his own tours with a single bass guitar, while Balázs Major as a drummer also has a surprisingly strong soloist attitude. In this trio they play their music together with the highest extent of humility and joy that is a great experience to listen to. The strong presence of improvisative music is well-balanced and enriched with easier comositions and bland tunes.