The Szabó – Heidrich – Major trio did their first joint concert in 2006 as the re-formed inheritor of the SzaMaBa trio. The first important document of the cooperation between Sándor Szabó and Roland Heidrich was the album called ’Rambling Spirit’ released in the end of 2009 and followed by multiple records of duo, trio and quartet formations.

The main characteristic of the trio’s style is the organic integrity of improvisation regarding freedom and composition and the responsibility of directing. The improvised and pre-composed works can’t be connected to the elements or technical convention of any style. Maybe the best way to describe it is that these artists are contributors to the modern, improvistavie music who dare to immerse really deeply in the organism of art.

However, to be able to identify their style more unambigously we can say that in their music classical elements, contemporary classical music, the language of jazz and the clean forms of folk music are all parts of their work. Their music is played using several exotic instruments, such as double-necked 24-string lute, 16-string guitar, 12-string baritone guitar and 8-string guitars with and without bund. The percussion instruments used by Balázs Major are also extremely interesting ones: he enriches the music with further delicate notes using udu, steel udu and cymbal with skyey voice.