The ideas of Vajk Kobza and Laura Weixelbaum on music are so free that they transcends space, time, ages, history and divine pantheons. Their music is not the epigoni of perfect amusement and entertainment but the honest revelation and ambition towards God. This kind of music does not make people dance or chaces popularity, but it is what it is: the most interior, denuded spiritual tune of humans.

The Weixelbaum-Kobza duo was formed in 2014 based on the ideas and the concepts of Laura’s songs supported by Vajk’s onomatopoeic Eastern string-based section. Laura’s special, unusual vocal enlarges the borders and gives a new outlook that does not leave anyone indifferent. In the meantime Balázs Major easily playes even the most complex Eastern rythms, elegantly merging them into the sing-songs and the freely performed texts.

Their first musical performance was the mystery play called ’Ishtar in the Underworld’ that came out as part of the main programme of the 1st Get Alive Deads! Festival together with Balázs Major’s drum, more exactly udu, support.

Their rare concerts are not performed as a single production, but as ritual music. The title of their most recent work is ’Songs of Holy Firestorm’. During their performances we can hear Sumerian heoric poem, prayer, parts of the
Egyptian Book of the Dead, whispers of the Northern runes, Medieval knight-errants from the Holy Land, and all hese parts in a non-traditional, unique way.